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I am a daughter of grace, elegance, and beauty. I am passionate with a keen eye for detail. I am calm in the face of chaos, allowing others to find their calm. I smile through difficult situations. I am a problem solver, go-getter. I hope for the best and always prepare for the worst. I am respectful and supportive. I demand the best from my team and constantly push them to be better. I AM ADURE.

Chioma Adure Nwogu-Johnson, Creative Director of the highly acclaimed Dure Events, has created over 200 exclusive events all over the world. From intimate affairs to opulent soirees and corporate events, she has spent over a decade amassing a wealth of industry knowledge and a vast network of incredible vendors. Known for her attention to detail, passion, and drive, Chioma ensures that each event is unique and flawlessly executed; beyond this, she is a true creative, constantly striving to create true sensory experiences no matter the occasion.

She has planned events across the globe including St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Turks & Caicos, Paris and Dubai and has been featured on platforms such as The New York Times, CNN, Munaluchi Bridal Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Essence Magazine’s Bridal Bliss, Perfête, and The Brides Café to name a few.

Chioma Adure Nwogu-Johnson

CEO / Creative Director


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